The blue boat.

Theres a little hidden entrance, through a not so obvious archway, a little way off the main street in the old town in Trapani. It leads to a small bay area which presents an idyllic scene of traditional fishing boats and a background of the traditional architecture of the area.




Levanzo Harbour

Harbour view on Levanzo island.

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Extract from Wikipedia about Levanzo

Levanzo (SicilianLèvanzu) is the smallest of the three main Aegadian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea west of SicilyItaly. It forms a part of the municipality (comune) of Favignana in the Province of Trapani.

Levanzo has an area of 5.82 square kilometres (2.25 sq mi). The highest point is Pizzo Monaco with a height of 278 metres (912 feet). The island has about 450 inhabitants, who are concentrated around a tiny port, that gives little shelter from storms.



Hyperlapse from Erice, Trapani

Experimenting with the new Hyperlapse app from Instagram. Launched very soon after microsoft demoed they were working on a technology to stitch moving time-lapse photos into a hyper lapse, reducing movement and shake and creating a seamless smooth movement effect.

Hyperlapse, the app, does a similar thing however instead of using chewing time it uses the sensors in your phone, the accelerometer in particular to record the movements made relative to the images recorded and then it can partially compensate afterwards.

The results are pretty good, however I am little disappointed with the resolution output.

See for yourself below, a hyperlapse, I shot whilst descending Erice, a mountain top village.

At the end the video jerks. This is when the cable car frighteningly came to an abrupt, albeit; swingy, stop. After an italian guy shouted something scary sounding in italian on the buzzy intercom the car started moving again after 20 seconds. All I could think was that they had ruined my hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse from the cable car descending from Erice, Trapani, Sicily from Ben Millett on Vimeo.

Trapani by night

View towards Erice, a mountain top village. Trapani in the foreground where a small fishing boat sways.

Camera was steadied on a gorilla pod, on a rock. The only accessory I brought along on the trip. Does the job, dependable, compact, adaptable.

Trapani by night

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This view is looking the opposite direction to the previous photo. This area of the town is the old town and can be obviously seen through the style and era of architecture.

Trapani by Night

Sony Rx100 M2 – Travel Shooter

So traveling in sicily for the past couple of weeks, didn’t bring all the gear, been testing out the little Sony Rx100 M2. Turns out to be a great little shooter and a fantastic travel photography camera. Super sharp. Amazingly good at low light. Versatile lens and compact to bring anywhere. Will share some shots soon. Really getting back into the photography buzz while traveling, been too busy with other projects recently. Hope to backtrack on stuff I’ve been shooting recently and post more regularly.

Sony RX100 M2 and coffee in Sicily's Favignana

Sony RX100 M2 and coffee in Sicily’s Favignana

Google maps


Google maps has finally come back to the iPhone and its really really nice. It feels like a modern app and works really fast. I’m being more impressed by google every day.